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Your Voice: August letters

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Tennis or pickleball? They're both great options

After reading the article "Tennis, anyone?" in July's Alberta Prime Times, I thought it brought a wonderful perspective to the tennis vs. pickleball debate. The article was well written, and presented a good insight into what is happening with the availability of courts for the two racquet sports.

The fact that both sports can live in harmony was a wonderful conclusion. I enjoy the insight of the writers of Alberta Prime Times. Thank you for your efforts in presenting articles of interest to the locals.

Bill Adamoski, Edmonton, AB

Climate-related stories appreciated

First of all, may I say that I'm really impressed that, highlighted on the front page of your website, I found a collection of climate-related stories.

The global economy is shifting to a low-carbon economy faster than anyone had predicted only a few years ago. And yet, for some reason, we have no provincial plan to address the crisis. Our federal government and a number of Alberta cities and towns have already declared a climate emergency, and are crafting plans to act.

According to the world's climate scientists, we do need to both go far and move fast. Let's ensure that we have a provincial government that's on board with this great challenge. The website Climate Plan Alberta,is a non-partisan chorus of voices calling for a robust and credible climate plan for our province. This is a message intended for the Alberta Government, regardless of which leader or party happens to be in power. The site can be found at

Roger Gagne, Calgary AB

Stop the world, I want to get off

Because of the world's reckless, fast-paced life, the threat of self-destruction (nuclear war, climate change, COVID-19) continues. Our planet is like a giant balloon with a pin-hole leak. It is up to us seniors to help guide the younger generation and make them understand the dangers of a very 'fast' life. A slower pace of life can calm our nerves and prevent diseases, so let us prove the benefits from the wisdom and experience of elders, combined with spirituality, exercise, yoga, Tai-chi and other ancient traditions.

Rita H. Araujo, Ph.D.

Calgary, AB


Behind Those Baggy Eyes 

When you become a certain age, you will probably need some help

Switching to more healthy food, like prunes and kale and kelp

You will want to do more resting and give-up on contact sports

Buy warmer clothes to wear and throw away the speedo shorts


You may want to see your doctor, if you don’t feel so right

Check out all those reasons, why you can’t sleep at night

They’ll refer you to a specialist, to help figure out your ill

Then you’ll come home from the pharmacist, with yet another pill


Now there’s one to make you sleep at night and one to wake you up

One for all your aches and pains, to crush-up in your cup

You take this one in the morning and that one with some food

And if you ever mixed them up, then you just may come unglued


So now you’re back at your doctor, cause something’s just not right

And he’ll arrange another specialist, to continue your healthful fight

And they will do more testing and it may come as no surprise

That you’re just another aging senior, behind those baggy eyes


Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB


The Garden Party

The line of spruce trees swayed in the breeze.

Standing tall on the grounds of the estate, with deep blue sky behind them.

A lane of coloured flowers bloomed profusely in large baskets.

The scent of cut flowers lingered on, even the buzz of a bee was noticed as it flew by.

Tables were set with while linen tablecloths.

For this garden party, fresh flowers were cut and arranged in 

large crystal vases and placed neatly on the tables.

Potato salad, bean salad and macaroni salad placed on the table with all the condiments.

The hamburgers, smokies and marinated steaks were well done.

Music by Sugarland played loudly in the background

As everyone retired to the gazebo for refreshments and to enjoy the rest of the great garden party.

Donna Kucheraway, Mundare, AB