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Your Voice: Christmas poetry

Christmas thoughts from Alberta seniors
Alberta seniors share verse this Christmas. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

A different sort of Christmas

There once was a time when a stocking meant joy,

Brought toys and candy to each girl and boy.

But time has a habit of changing that dream

The stockings we now wear are of surgical theme!!

We are all slowing down when it comes to our tasks,

The elves at the North Pole are all wearing masks.

And Santa is quarantined Iike us all

He can't even sit with the kids in the mall!

But there's the music that comforts our souls,

And turkey and dressing, but don't share the bowls!

Our families will miss us and we will miss each other,

As we dream of next year when the world will recover.

So don't be like Scrooge all alone in your room,

Just visit your friends on Facebook and Zoom

Turn up your hearing aids, practice your pardons

Merry Christmas to all at Britania Gardens.


Mona Bloomer, Edmonton AB


Aromas of Christmas

The delectable smells of Christmas baking permeated the rooms

As they were taken out of the oven.

Gingerbread, shortbread and walnut poppy seed roll.

The delightful aroma of Christmas baking was awesome.

Even the heat from the roaring fireplace continually spread

The sweet aroma of bakes goodies throughout the house.

The special Christmas bread was left lingering, delectable

For Christmas dinner was approaching

The red holly berries brightened up the room, as they were placed

In a long row beside the staircase. The poinsettias were colourful also

In full bloom with large white ribbon, left staggered beside each step.

The scent of cinnamon and peppermint drifted on

Bringing back memories for young and old

The turkey and trimmings and cranberries were ready

And mashed potatoes, salad and the rest to follow

Family and friends were soon to arrive with presents and treats

After the festive meal we all attended Christmas service.

Donna Kucheraway, Mundare AB