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Your Voice: February

Readers weigh in with thoughts and poetry

Mental Illness can be as severe as physical illness

Re: January 2023 article on including mental illness in MAID law; we have held this strange idea that illnesses, because we call them "mental" (we pretend it is of the mind, not the physical brain) cannot be as severe as other illnesses. They can be.

Harold Maio, Ft. Myers, Florida


Death Doula story brings back memories

Re: Death Doula, Feb 2023. Thank you, Gary!  The photo of James gave me a good cry but flooded my mind with wonderful memories of the time we spent together during the last year of his life.

Beverley Shiels, Edmonton, AB




Shoveling snow is no longer for me and winter is too cold

I’m going to give all that up, before I get too old

There are so many places, that will never go to ice

Where the sun’s out all day like a tropical paradise


Mesa Arizona has that nice warm feel

You can come to play and stay to heal

Whatever you want it’s all right here

Happy hour’s at four, bring your own beer

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB




He’s a blooming geezer and she’s more like a flower

He’s got a stubborn male ego and she has woman power

They’re attracted to each other because of who they are

There is no rhyme or reason, it just seems bizarre


He is short and fat and she is in model territory

He drinks and smokes and farts and she’s a morning glory

His choice of words is different and she is prim and proper

He doesn’t have the patience, so she’s the family shopper


And when they’re out together, you would never know

They are a loving couple and not a weird variety show

That opposing combination, will make you stop and stare

But such an unusual peculiar pairing is not so very rare


Because she is his princess to admire to hold and protect

Asks of her opinion and always treats her with respect

As humans we all need this, although to varying degrees

Love, respect and tenderness and a gentle daily squeeze

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB





Come on, come on, hold my hand and help me through my life

I need you there beside me, through my happiness and my strife

It’ll show the bond between us and that we really care

That the love we have inside our heart, was put in us to share


Don’t give me fresh cut flowers, they’ll wilt and die away

If you adorn me with dark chocolate, my health will have to pay

Just give me your attention and take me for a walk

We’ll work things out together, as we go around the block


We’ll talk about our future and things that we can do

Some may be my preference and some will be for you

But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go as planned

We’ll iron out our differences and do it hand in hand


And if you feel I’ve hurt you, give my heart a nudge

Because when my ego’s soaring, I get too blind to judge

We know our life is changing and our issues seem to stack

But I need you there beside me not in front or at the back

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert, AB