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The Forgotten Children

The Forgotten Children

There was joy and exhilaration in my mental illness, for many years, forty at least, when one would say I intermittently suffered. Occasionally it was a nightmare from which I could not awaken. More on the joy next post.

Workers in the fields and Douglas Adams

In asking for respect I believe all peoples of all nations owe to themselves and to their fellow travelers on this earth a voice and an ear to the mysterious world of the Other, no matter how different from ourselves.

The unique approach of The Doorway

Not so very long ago, we were constantly aware of homeless people on the streets of Calgary asking for spare change, just enough for a coffee and something to eat.

A Wren In Good Times

In late May, I was down in Southern Alberta taking part in a couple of bird and plant species counts.

The Family Behind A Fallen Hero

As we were putting together this issue of Edmonton Senior News, our community lost a valued and honorable member: Const. Daniel Woodall.
A Tea Party

A Tea Party

On June 4th, Centennial Elementary School students sang, delivered special notes and made handmade cards to local seniors in honour of Seniors' Week 2015. Music teacher Cheryl Thiessen, of Centennial Elementary School Jr. and Sr.

Bolder, Older and Better

The traffic overflow sign was my first indication of how popular this annual event is. It was June 4, 2015 and the Centre was holding its “Bolder, Older, Better” Health and Wellness Symposium and Trade Show for the 19th time as part of Seniors' Week.

Save Your Sight

Summer has officially arrived in Alberta, and people of all ages are excited to get outside. While most Albertans recognize the importance of sunscreen to prevent sunburns and skin cancer, many are unaware that UV light can cause serious eye damage.

Life in the Fast Lane: Our Cancer Journey

My husband David and I are prostate cancer survivors and ours is a story of resilience and triumph. Our story gives credence to the phrase "early detection saves lives." David was 49 when he had his first PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test.
A Rough Retirement

A Rough Retirement

After retiring from the Edmonton Public School system in 2009, Emma Shirley Brinson had only a few months to relish freedom, before disaster struck.