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On the Wing

There are plenty of bird migration reports on the web these days and I was fortunate to come across a Belted Kingfisher when returning from the Hinton area the other week.

As You Wish

Have you ever thought about what you would want for your old age, especially if you became mentally or physically incapacitated? It's not an easy task, but addressing it now could be one of the greatest gifts you give your spouse, your children and y

Dementia Metamorphosis

When you walk into the Angel Home wing of the Lifestyle Options Retirement Communities Whitemud, you immediately notice colorful walls and ceilings.

Caregivers: Tips for Self-Care

Early autumn is a great time for taking stock and implementing change. Early autumn is a great time for taking stock and implementing change.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor - Today I met two people who enjoy showing their skills/abilities off. Talented at lopping tree branches off, they willingly did so during nesting times, chasing birds off eggs they'd been sitting on and near hatching out time (they were desperately nervous enough!)

Putting the Nice in Ice

The District is a celebration of Edmonton's winter city status and a development fueled by the optimism of what Edmonton can be: a destination for people from all corners of the city, the country and the world.
My quest to solve the riddle of the universe

My quest to solve the riddle of the universe

Few things motivate a paranoid woman like saving the world as a special agent of God... many years ago the choice was mine: kill the devil within me or accept help from an equally helpless friend and mentor.

From Sri Lanka to Alberta

As the AirLanka plane took off from Colombo's international airport one warm night, I tried to catch a last glimpse of the country where I was born and raised. I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Letter to the Editor: Cold Comfort

Dear Editor- I would like to comment on a very good reflection and reminder of the support of family (and friends) of our policing forces who put their lives on the line quite frequently as they head out to their working routine.

Take a Day Jaunt

I love one day jaunts; there's no need for reservations at a hotel (sleep in your own bed that night), no suitcases to haul around, no racking up mega miles on your vehicle.