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Patience is the key to your fitness regimen

You know the old saying … gyms are full on January 1, but by February 1, no one is around. Turns out, there's a lot of truth in that cliché.

Soulmates aren't just for fairy tales

'And they lived happily ever after' is just a fairy-tale ending to most people. But it came true for Marion and Hugh Savage who married 61 years ago.

Cable TV checklist

The universe of cable TV is ever expanding, and now with CRTC mandated choices, more confusing than ever. The CRTC offers up these pointers to help you navigate the TV world.

Hardest to house find home in Ottewell Manor

Kim Ruzycki remembers her first visit to Ottewell Manor. She recalls touring the building, walking through the dining room and seeing all the rooms in the building that she and her neighbours would be living in.

At 90, the Legion is still spry, but struggling

They were brave and adventurous, young men who went to war to fight for their country.
'Near thing' almost did in Edmonton vet

'Near thing' almost did in Edmonton vet

Tony Cashman is famous for his lifelong contribution to the history of Edmonton, but less known for completing a full tour of thirty operations as the navigator in a Halifax bomber during the Second World War.
Bundle up for 20 Questions about November events

Bundle up for 20 Questions about November events

Here are 20 Questions about events that occurred in the chilly month of November. On Nov. 1, 1959, an NHL goaltender did something that had never been done before. Who was he, and what did he do? Speaking of the NHL, the league was formed on Nov.

20 Questions answers

20 questions answers He was Montreal goaltender Jacques Plante, and he was the first to wear a mask. One. The Montreal Canadiens are the only NHL team to operate for the entire history of the NHL under the same name.


"For to the snow He says, "Fall on the earth...." Job 37:6 It snowed early this year! Too early some will say, others will be delighted, work clearing the stuff generates that green material we are not to love! LOOKING BACK ON MY childhood...
Part 1: Boyhood

Part 1: Boyhood

Most people, when church is mentioned, think of church buildings for those people I have included a collection of churches that should please the most selective souls.