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Edmonton News

My Search for the Elusive Moss's Elfin

For the past few years, after completing my annual Milk River/Writing-on-Stone May Species Count, I have headed west on the 500 towards Cardston, Pincher Creek, the Crowsnest Pass, and my favourite area, the South Castle River just south of Beaver Mi

Edmonton Seniors Enjoy Holiday Lunch Buffet and Tour at Hotel MacDonald

One of the most popular day trips with Edmonton seniors is the annual holiday lunch buffets held at prestigious Hotel MacDonald in December.

Senior's group tests leading edge idea

The Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE) has partnered with a Calgary company in an innovative new approach to raising funds that has the potential to forever revolutionize the way charities operate.

Re-evaluating Your Insurance Needs

As people advance from a period in their lives when they're raising children, to a time of retirement filled with travel, they should regularly re-evaluate what types of insurance they are eligible for, how much premiums cost, and what insurance they likely need most.

New Year resolution: learn to "attach" - I should be past cut-and-paste by now

Little lecture here: If your life is pleasant, but with no terrible events, wonderful! So was mine! But there are no guarantees. When my eldest son died over a year ago, he left no will. Taking care of his estate was beyond challenging. Finally we turned it over to a lawyer, and it was settled quickly.

On the Wing

With winter once again upon us, there are at least two things we can all guarantee and expect...lots of cold snowy weather and a visit from the Black-capped Chicadee.

Judge John Reilly's quest for Aboriginal fairness in Canada

The longest serving provincial court judge in the province whose first bestselling book sparked both controversy and praise across the country, is about to launch his second offering in a trilogy detailing his battle with the justice system and his quest for Aboriginal fairness in Canada.

Seniors Celebrate Multicultural Day at Aboriginal Senior Centre

On Friday, September 26, 2014 seniors from several locations in Edmonton were boarded onto a bus courtesy of the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation (CMEF), and brought to the Edmonton Aboriginal Senior Centre (EASC) located at 10107 134 avenue to celebrate Seniors Aboriginal Multiculturalism Day.

Bears repeating: Teddy bears are good medicine

Amidst all the electronic gadgets under the Christmas tree these days, there is one non-gadget that has stood the test of time. The littlest of wishers know teddy bears are fun, give comfort – and can keep a secret. Alberta senior Jeanne OConner has discovered there are benefits for children over the age of fifty as well. And sometimes the benefits accrue in other ways than finding a furry friend in the stocking.


This tart little berry is a powerful food packed with surprising health benefits. More than being good for the urinary tract. Cranberries are good for the heart and eyes, help protect you from cancers, and help prevent kidney stones. Here is what they can do for your body.