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Elder abuse: 'Never, ever did I think I would be a victim'

Elder abuse: 'Never, ever did I think I would be a victim'

Ann, 71, moved in with her son two years ago to help him pay the rent after he lost his roommate, and then his job. She fled 16 months later with the clothes on her back and $100 in her pocket, a victim of his financial and emotional abuse.

The transforming power of a haircut

Ushering her clients into a makeshift salon, set up between administration offices at the Bissell Centre, Agathe Joly treats everyone who sits in her chair with respect and kindness.

How to prevent elder abuse

The key to reducing elder abuse is education, says Pat Power, a community development social worker with the Seniors Protection Partnership in Edmonton who runs a group called Relationships With Your Adult Children.
Test your knowledge of major June events

Test your knowledge of major June events

Here are 20 Questions about events that occurred in June. Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call, and Guillarmo Marconi got his patent for the invention of the radio on the same date (June 2), but 22 years apart.

The six major paths retirees follow

Regardless of where you are in the retirement planning process, it might be time to think about your future path. Through my research, I have identified six major paths retirees follow.

First phone impressions count

It rang...and rang...and rang. I was woken by the persistent ringing of the phone. Mumbling incoherently, I stumbled out of bed to answer it. It was the first day of my vacation and a phone call before 8 in the morning was not what I needed.

On books and reading

FLUFFY STUFF EH? WAS THE QUESTION... which I ignored, because the question had been posed before... but was the question a good one and was I right to ignore it? I have given the matter some thought. I am a binge reader....

Order of dress over the years

If you have been in the military, or quasi-military, police or for that matter almost any organization, whether you meet with the public or not, if you are engaged in an activity that requires you to move or even breath, there will undoubtedly be an

The last word (I promise) on downsizing

MAKE SURE YOU AND YOU SIGNIFICANT OTHER ARE ON THE SAME PAGE... after you have stopped laughing, consider this...
Trocadero keeps Big Band ballroom alive

Trocadero keeps Big Band ballroom alive

In the 1940s and 1950s, the Trocadero Ballroom on Jasper Avenue and 103rd Street was the coolest, swingingest, jitter-buggiest place for hep cats to cut a rug to live, big band music.