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An Open Door on History

It's a well known fact this city has a plethora of fabulous annual festivals each summer. No doubt you've enjoyed attending some of them.

Cottage Days

What is more relaxing than escaping to the cottage? It is a place to unplug, unwind and enjoy a slower pace-unless you are hosting the family. Then it can be hectic and exhausting.
A Century of Female Leadership

A Century of Female Leadership

In 1915, the world was at war. Women's rights were a significant issue and opportunities for girls were very limited.
A Moving Story

A Moving Story

Born in 1936 in the James Bay area, Mini Aodla Freeman was part of governmentally enforced relocations of Inuit to other areas; she watched her people go from thriving, to dying.

Summer a relief for those suffering from SAD

Thinking from a SAD point of view (Seasonal Affective Disorder), from which I suffered for many years, summer is the best time of year for those of us who dread the long dark winter months of Alberta.

The Face of Homelessness in Calgary

One of the oldest and most often frequented family shelters in Calgary is appropriately named, Inn from the Cold. It is also one of the most successful.

The Potter's Hand

Those with physical and mental disabilities face more challenges than the norm.
A Tale of One City

A Tale of One City

It is said that every life is a story. However, one person can have several stories to tell because there are various categories of life's experiences: childhood, school years, teen years, employment and marriage, to name a few.

An Homage to History

Turn the calendar back a century to April 1915. War was raging in the trenches of Europe and in the skies over Ypres in northern Belgium. World War One was in its eighth month and would last many more – until the armistice of November 11, 1918.

Meet the Editor

Noemi LoPinto, 41, wife, and mother of 5 children, Managing Editor of Edmonton Senior News, Calgary Senior News and Edmonton Woman Magazine proved to be an allusive, almost imaginary target.