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Rockin' roasted potatoes

Who doesn't love a good roast potato. Yum!
Roast potatoes are a winner, and this easy-to-make recipe means you can have it often. Photo: Sherry Banks
The barbecue season is almost at its end, and being creative with the sides is getting more challenging. My husband is not crazy of spuds--hard to believe coming from PEI--but he loves these. He refuses to mask the spud flavor of these with ketchup. Hope you all enjoy them as well. They are super fast and easy! 
Cube russet potatoes
Mix with oil, salt and pepper 
Spread on baking sheet & roast in 450 oven until the way you prefer to eat them. I do mine about 30+ minutes. We like ours a bit more crispy
While potatoes are roasting, mix in a bowl (big enough that you will be able to add the roasted potatoes to): 
juice of a 1/2 lime 
2 cloves of crushed garlic (I usually double this depending on how many spuds and I like a little more garlic flavor)
1 teaspoon of oil
chopped fresh cilantro, salt & pepper.
Let that sit and marinade while the potatoes are cooking.
When potatoes are done, add to the bowl with marinade, toss to coat and serve. Enjoy!