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Prepping Your Windows and Doors for the Cooler Months

Professionals can replace windows and doors with more energy efficient choices, saving homeowners a significant amount of money and time in energy and repair costs.

As the leaves turn colour, the winds pick up and the days become shorter, it becomes clear that the cooler months are nearing. Now is the time to think about what needs to be done around the house to be prepared. You might be looking forward to staying warm and cozy indoors, but the costs of that should not be too high. It is necessary to be sure that the windows and doors in your home are efficient at keeping the cold air out and warmth in. There are several things that can be done to preserve that warm environment indoors, but sometimes it is better to call professionals who know exactly what should be done.

Do Your Own Inspection First

Before calling in the pros, you can check the windows and doors yourself to make sure that they are in good repair. Damage will let in the cold air. Doors and windows should not be cracked or broken, and they must close completely. Do a regular inspection to be sure. Weather stripping does wear out over time – usually because of the cold, dry weather – and it might not be obvious. Damage to weather stripping may be simple to repair if it is in a place that is easy to get to and the damage is minimal, but professionals will be able to advise if it needs to be completely replaced.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

This is a choice that can save a lot of money in the long run. If your windows are single paned and your doors are old, you will be losing a lot of heat in the winter. A better choice is double- or even triple-paned windows, or vinyl windows. They will keep the cold out, and they will make up for their cost in energy saved. Call a pro for advice on the best option for your home. Vinyl windows are an excellent investment and require little maintenance. They preserve the heat from the frames inward.

There are many different types of options for the best windows and doors to protect your home, many of which will work with what is already installed in your home. Storm doors and windows are meant to protect, and they can be fitted over what you already have. They are made from plexiglass, acrylic or other substances. Talk to a professional if you are not sure which material would be best.

Don’t Put Off Professional Maintenance

There is a lot to be done to get a home prepared for winter, and calling professionals will be a big help. They can check for damage and point out what may not be a problem now but will be in future. Cracks and spaces that let in cold air will cost money in the long run. Professionals will ensure that all possible openings in your home are effectively sealed and prepared for winter.

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