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Why You Should Hang Your Christmas Lights Now

Hang Christmas lights in October? Isn’t that too early? No – and it has nothing to do with whether you are in the Christmas spirit or not!
A man in a residential setting hangs outdoor holiday lights on the gutters above a garage before the snow falls.

Hanging Christmas lights in October is ideal because it’s still relatively warm out and your yard is not covered in snow and ice.

According to OHS Canada, ladders can be very dangerous. OHS points out common ladder mistakes (have you made any of these while trying to hang your Christmas lights?):

  • Overreaching, which causes you or you and the ladder to fall.
  • Standing on the very top rung (it is actually not designed to be stood upon) causing loss of balance.
  • Not having the right size of ladder and trying to overcompensate but placing it on something unstable.

Other common ladder mishaps include resting it alongside the gutter (which is slippery), misjudging the angle and ignoring the 3-point rule.

Sorting christmas lights in warm and dry weather makes the job of hanging them much easier.

Now, take all those hazards above and think about using the ladder outdoors in the winter. Even if you stay off the top rung, you don’t reach too far and you don’t lean the ladder on the gutter, you still have to contend with snow, ice and your spotter having cold hands as they steady the ladder.

It’s not worth it. Hang your Christmas lights in October before the snow flies. The ladder, driveway, sidewalk and rooftop will be warmer and drier – and most importantly, safer.

Those living in the Bow Valley area have an even better option to get those Christmas lights up. Call Peak Performance Painting and ask for their Christmas light installation service. Peak has the equipment and experience to light up homes and businesses in the Bow Valley. In addition to safely hanging lights, the team will make sure all the bulbs are in working order, pre-map the positions, ensure there are enough power sources, evenly space the strands and conceal the power cords as much as possible. After the season ends, Peak can return to remove the lights, or stop by mid-season for maintenance if required.

Being on a ladder can be dangerous, especially during the winter. Put your Christmas lights up now to reduce the chance of injury. If you live in the Bow Valley, call Peak Performance Painting to have them install your lights. Enjoy the season as safely as possible.

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