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Cool cucumbers just right for hot summer days

A juicy cucumber adds a wonderful freshness and crunch to our summer salads. Top of Form Bottom of Form Cucumbers are very cooling and full of health benefits.

Twenty questions about Canadian history

Welcome to 20 Questions, a new feature of Calgary Senior. This month, in honour of Canada's 149th birthday and upcoming 150th celebration in 2017, here are 20 questions with an all-Canadian theme. Canada turned 149 this year.
Summer a great time to hit the trails in Edmonton

Summer a great time to hit the trails in Edmonton

With the warm days of summer upon us, everyone is looking for a way to stay active and enjoy the sunshine. Edmonton is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the country.

Mayfield's Henry & Alice light fare for the summer season

Henry & Alice into the Wild: A pleasant walk through the woods Lucy Haines The latest offering from the Mayfield Dinner Theatre is like a live-action sitcom - with plenty of worn stereotypes about middle age and marriage - this time set against the s
Strawberries truly are the queen of fruits

Strawberries truly are the queen of fruits

Sweet, delicious, and juicy, heart-shaped strawberries are so delightfully tasty. I love how strawberries can be the star of a dish or a very visually vibrant sidekick.

Shingles pain can be debilitating

Q. I heard a comedian make a humorous reference to “shingles.” I had shingles and I didn't find any humor in the experience.
Living Your Retirement

Living Your Retirement

Most people plan the financial aspect of their retirement but they don't plan what they are going to do for the next 30 years.

Tax Breaks Leave Seniors Out in the Cold

As people scramble to file their 2015 income tax returns by the April 30 deadline, married couples and common-law partners have many advantages over people who are single, widowed, divorced and separated.

On The Town

ATTRACTIONS AND EVENTS Calgary Body, Soul & Spirit Expo – April 8 to 10: Exhibitors, lectures and workshops. Venue is Grey Eagle Event Centre (Glenmore Tr. And 37 St., S.W.); free parking. www.bodysoulspiritexpo.

Colorectal Cancer: A Q&A with Sarah Remmer

Registered Dietitian Sarah Remmer, is one of four dieticians visiting Albertan cities to raise awareness about colorectal cancer. With a few lifestyle changes, Remmer says people can significantly reduce their risk of this disease.