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Ten warning signs of Alzheimers

1. Memory loss that affects day-to-day function It's normal to forget things occasionally and remember them later: things like appointments, colleagues' names or a friend's phone number.

The Power of Jay Ingram

“There's nothing more fun than being a nerd!” says Jay Ingram. At 69 years young, the Canadian science broadcaster and writer's energy is equal parts youthful goofball and mature scientist.

Aging in Place, Living in Style

Calgary is no longer a village where everyone knows the local handyman, says Lindsay Lunhau. She wants to change that.

Seniors Love Going To The Movies

During the summer I did something which I hadn't done for some time. I went to the movies . Not just any movie but to one of my favourite's movies - Helen Mirren in "The 100 Foot Journey". It wasn't that I've been busy and too discriminating .

How to Avoid Renovation Rip Offs

Reputable renovators shudder when they hear about consumers ripped off by bad contractors. It's even sadder when the victims are seniors who may be struggling to get by on fixed incomes. Fortunately there are ways to protect yourself so you can do the renovations that will make your home more comfortable, attractive, safe and accessible.

A Handful of Walnuts May Keep Alzheimer's Away

Are you concerned about getting Alzheimer's? The walnut that resembles a brain may be the answer to keeping Alzheimer's disease at bay. The latest research suggests that eating 1/4 cup of walnuts a day may help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.

Home sweet home care

Dawn Harsch has developed a radical new way of doing business when it comes to senior care. Harsch is a Registered Nurse, who also holds a business degree. She's worked in the long-term care system in Alberta. She's also implemented a business plan for an alternative way of caring for the elderly.

Seniors Alpine Ski Club

The winter season is well underway at one of Calgary's longest running club for seniors. Founded in 1977 and originally named The Over the Hill Gang, the Seniors' Alpine Ski Club was first incorporated in 1993, and now boasts almost 400 members.

A snapshot of caregiving today

More than two million Canadians aged 45 years and older provide care on a regular basis to a senior loved one with a chronic health condition. In most cases, family members and friends – known as informal caregivers - provide all of the help that the care receiver needs. Without their assistance, the care receiver might otherwise have to move to some type of residential care setting.

Downsizing with Calgary's Seniors

The New Year often signals a time of change for many seniors in Calgary. They may be deciding to organize their files and belongings, downsize entirely, or move from independent living into assisted living or other care. These types of transitions are considered the most stressful experiences someone can endure, next to death and divorce.