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Cloudy with a chance of change

Stay cool, Alberta
Water the flowers and veggies, and they'll survive the heat, say garden experts. Photo; Metro Creative Connection

Though the cause of our cloudy conditions in Alberta are regrettable, and all hope the B.C. wildfires will be contained and with as little damage as possible, I do appreciate the cooler and overcast weather we're getting in this province. I'm not a heat-loving gal, so I'm hoping for more moderate temperatures this summer. Having said that, garden experts are addressing the issue of extreme heat on our veggie gardens and flowers, so if your petunias need perking up, check out our story on how to bring life back to the greenery in your world.

We've done a few stories on ageism in recent months, and have another from the U of A on how one nursing instructor is enlightening students on ageism's impact with patients and the broader community. I've heard some say the best way to fight ageism is NOT to talk about it, while others want to shine a spotlight and point it out where it exists to help change attitudes and behaviours. What do you think? Share your thoughts at

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Have a wonderful week

Lucy Haines, APT editor