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LETTER: Seniors distressed by driver legislation

Elder Advocates say legislation around driving exams for seniors causes unnecessary distress.
Advocates point to data that shows seniors needn't have arbitrary driving exams. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

According to Alberta Transportation statistics, seniors do not cause carnage on Alberta roads, and they are not a threat to road safety. Most seniors self regulate and therefore are not on the radar when it comes to statistics.

Alan Pisarski, author of “Commuting in America”, said "70-80 year olds are really different than their predecessors.  They learned to drive in a very different era. They are far more comfortable driving in freeway situations. This matters immensely for the future because we are seeing dramatic increases in older workers staying in the labor force and continuing to work and commute well past 65”.

In your article, "Senior Driving:Safety is the Priority”, Dr. Khaled Hajar is quoted as saying that he writes up referrals with Alberta Able (DriveABLE) . 

The DriveABLE computer based test--widely used across the country--is sponsored by a private enterprise, the DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Though DriveAble publishes on their website that "DriveAble testing is the only assessment program of its kind able to objectively measure the patient's cognitive ability to drive," unfortunately that is not quite accurate.
We have documented on our website ( that the assessment far too frequently misidentifies safe drivers as unsafe and causes them to lose their right to drive.

The legislative change in 2002 under Premier Klein required that persons age 75 and thereafter provide a proof of medical examination prior to their license renewal. This regulation change to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, continues--after this many years--to cause much distress to older Alberta citizens.

Ruth Adria
Elder Advocates of Alberta Society (1992)