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In retirement, one size doesn't fit all

For ages, we've heard the same old advice about retirement. Set aside 15 per cent of our annual working salary for retirement. Have a percentage of our retirement savings equal to our age invested in fixed income and the remainder in equities.

Time to simplify the entire tax system

As the federal government backtracks on its original proposals to reduce the tax advantages that small business corporations have over large corporations and sole-proprietorships, the issue has significant implication for Alberta, where 32.

How Jason Kenney changes the equation

Congratulations of a sort may be due to Jason Kenney. The new leader of the United Conservative Party stands an excellent chance of getting through his entire adult life without having to work in the real world outside politics.

DeTrumpification will preserve my sanity

I have three grown sons, all of them living in their own homes as semi-mature adults (they are guys, so the best I can credit them with is being semi-mature). One of them pays a lot of attention to the broad category that I call 'The News'.

Dental bills can be a pain for seniors

Alberta's Health Minister Sarah Hoffman was upset when the Alberta Dental Association and College recently issued its first dental fee guide in 20 years, which would reduce what are the highest dental costs in the country by a mere three per cent on

Want to change the tax system? Just ask

Calvin Coolidge was U.S.

Solution to downsizing? Leave it to the kids

A couple of years back, a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became quite a sensation amongst people with too much stuff, which is most of us.

Do these phone calls ring a bell?

It was traumatic, but it had to be done. I moved to a seniors' complex and had to cut ties with my old “land phone.” I must console myself with the little cell phone hiding in my purse. What if I lose it? And that will happen. I lose everything else.

Low-cost ways to keep the little ones happy

Hate to remind you, but Christmas is coming! Kids and parents will be visiting. Next problem: what to do with those kids.

Inside the cult of Costco

Picture yourself shopping. You drive to the store, and park about a kilometre from the door. When you finally get to the door, you are stopped and asked for your membership.