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Hey, Cell Phone: You're Not the Boss of Me

It's not fair to call me slow just because smart phones and IPads puzzle me; it's just that for over six decades I learned different skills. I know about buttons, switches, dials. I know about touching images, I touch microwave buttons.

Turning the Page on History

Is it 1980 or 2016? We think we know what year it is despite being struck by attacks of déjà vu. In 1980 we had a Trudeau in Ottawa and the National Energy Program.

The Generosity Tax

Albertans were outraged last March when the provincial budget moved to reduce income tax credits they could claim on total charitable donations in a year greater than $200 from 21 per cent, one of the best rates among provinces, to 12.75 per cent.

Update Your Estate Plan

Lawyer Michael Klaray, who does estate planning litigation with Duncan & Craig LLP in Edmonton, once told of issuing a $65,000 bill for legal work that could have been avoided by $1,500 worth of planning.

Q&A: The Liberal Plan for Seniors

Edmonton Senior News recently did a Question and Answer session with several staff members of the new federal government, focused on senior issues in Canada.

Staying in the Driver's Seat

Many people feel pressured to stop driving as they age, but how do you know when it's time to give up the keys? "It's really not about the age," says Alberta Motor Association spokesperson Chris Rechner. "It's about the effects of aging.