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ADM Interiors: Why Future Proofing Your Home Matters & When to Call a Certified Living In Place Professional

More and more people are thinking about what it means to live in place, and with seniors being Alberta’s fastest growing demographic (over 640,000 age 65+) this topic is more relevant than ever.

It’s also a topic at which Annabelle Mastalic, owner of ADM Interiors, knows very well. ADM Interiors is a lifestyle design studio specializing in designs that improve quality of living.

Mastalic’s numerous certifications include: Health and Wellness Design, Living In Place Professional, Aging In Place Specialist, Colour Specialist, and Interior Decorator. She is also a former nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science degree. This makes her unequivocally qualified to do what she loves best – create beautiful spaces where living in place can be done in comfort and dignity.

“I had a fulfilling nursing career for 17 years,” says Mastalic. “I have devoted my life to nurturing people’s health and wellness, first as a BSc Nurse working in surgery, medicine, and research and now as a specialist in wellness design.”

As the first Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) from the Living in Place Institute and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) from the National Association of Home Builders, Mastalic combines her medical and design knowledge to create long-term wellness and elegant design solutions for living in place.

Future proofing the home means taking steps early on to accommodate future lifestyle and  health needs. Using universal design standards means these modifications blend seamlessly into the design. The home looks warm and inviting, not clinical or institutional. Some of the design aspects are “hidden” behind tile or drywall (like plywood for a shower bar or framing to widen a doorway) and easily accessed when needed.

“When I future proof a home, I consider two things; lifestyle needs – designing to support both expected and unexpected events such as normal aging needs, injuries or unexpected illness. The second is aesthetics, one that is timeless and versatile so the home can be enjoyed for many years to come,” says Mastalic. “Future proofing means being able to stay in your own home longer, in a beautiful, safe and comfortable environment where people can thrive.”

Some of the modifications Mastalic includes in her designs is the implementation of technology and home automation, curb-less showers, non-slip floors, wider halls and entrances, appropriate lighting and even better colour contrasts to accommodate age-related changes in eyesight.

“The amount and location of lighting make the home safer,” she notes. “While also creating ambience to feel warm and inviting.” The beauty with future proofing is it also improves visitability for guests. Wider entrances with zero thresholds for example, can make it easier for strollers and friends in wheelchairs to enter the home.

While some modifications can be done at any time, the best time to call in the professionals is during the building or renovation phase. As Mastalic explains, “To reduce costs down the road, it’s very affordable to implement universal design features while building rather than having to retrofit an existing home. If you are building or renovating your forever home, contact someone with the expertise that understands your aging needs and knows what features for future proofing can be included. Prepare for your future needs. Your home can be safer and set up for the long-term while still being beautiful, comfortable, and in a style you enjoy.”

With COVID in place, Mastalic is seeing a rise in families moving their aging parents into their home, while also caring for growing children. She can help create spaces to accommodate all age groups under one roof. Additionally, future proofing the home with universal design features can increase its market value to appeal to all types of homebuyers.

ADM Interiors provides professional wellness design that seamlessly blends medical, practical, and aesthetical needs. Learn more at online, @annabelleadminteriors on Facebook, and @adm_interiors on Instagram.
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