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Meet the Team: Talk Time's Panelist Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Dr. Ferrance has won numerous awards for his work including a service award from the Canadian Mental Health Association – Alberta, a John C. Patterson Media Award from the Psychologists' Association of Alberta, the Rosalina Smith Award from the National Black Coalition of Canada, and a More award from the Evolutionary Business Council.
Dr. Ganz / Panelist on Talk Time with Sean & Shawna

Talk Time is a weekly online TV talk show co-hosted by Shawna Randolph and Sean Burke. Together they, along with guests, cover a variety of topics, from pop culture to healthy living. This series introduces the team. Today, meet panelist Dr. Ganz Ferrance.

Dr. Ferrance leads The Ferrance Group, which offers lifechanging therapy based in a Positive Psychology framework. Through in-person and virtual sessions, the Ferrance Group helps Albertans address the things holding them back, such as stress, relationships, communication, family issues, and more.

He is the author of The Me Factor® and the man behind Ask Dr. Ganz.

Why did you launch the virtual side of your therapy service, and in what year?

During COVID is when we had to figure out how to do this whole thing virtually. Our industry is so personal. We really do have to be connected one-on-one with people. Fortunately, I had been using Zoom and some other video platforms for awhile and was familiar with it. We were able to get up and running quickly. The majority of clients loved it. Once you get past the tech you can access service without a commute or having to find parking. The feedback is that clients feel calmer after the session. They can be in that space longer without having to get into their car and hit the road.

Early in my career I worked in small and remote communities. They tend to be under serviced. Virtual opened us up to serve people all over Alberta. As long as you have a phone or internet service, we can help you.

Discuss the Positive Psychology framework

The philosophy is wanting to help people be their best, feel their best, and do their best. My team and I are all positively geared; one focuses on sports psychology, another has worked in small northern communities for most of his career. What we all share, is we see people work on their progress by investing in the tools they have. We can help them no matter where their starting point is. Our job is not to fix what is broken, but to help them be their best no matter what. Fixing happens in the process. They see their own potential and see how well they can do instead of just fixing a problem. We figure out what you need to function happy and healthily. Most people just haven’t learned the skills that make them happy, successful, and high functioning.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

Getting people to understand there is a better way and there is help available. With COVID there have been more mental health talks, but there is still a stigma. Even if you are going through a hard time you can still be proactive. Even in a crisis there is help available. If you can understand the mindset and have the tools, the things that are a crisis for you can turn into a huge asset down the road.

What do you love the most about what you do?

I feel so fortunate because I get to see people grow. I love seeing people thrive and be their best. I love helping people get the most mileage out of their lives.

Discuss your book, The Me Factor®

It came out of my own struggles with stress, burnout, and relationship troubles. I had to come up with a system to help myself stay healthy, balanced, and proactive. This is the system I use. As I used it, I refined and tweaked it. There has been great feedback from people using the system. It was written with men in mind – there is not a lot of literature for men; self-help is usually geared for women. However, lots of women have read it as the principles are universal.

Discuss the Ask Dr. Ganz community

People can sign up at Ask Dr. Ganz Every two days or so they will get a video with strategies that I have used in my life and with my clients. They also get signed up for Ask Dr. Ganz. They submit a question and every week I pull a question and do a video. They get a video with the answer to the question of the week.

Any final insights?

My philosophy in my work and team is that none of us do this by ourselves. We help each other and can learn from each other. It is healthy and smart to use a coach, therapist, or psychologist. It boils down to this: the better you feel, the better you do. Any time I have the opportunity I share with people that I have been in the field for more than 30 years and I’ve also been seeing a psychologist for 30+ years. I know it from both sides.

When looking for a psychologist, it’s a good idea to shop around. Make sure you are comfortable – you are the customer. You get to choose.

Many people have coverage through their work. Some don’t know about it or never use it. You can get at least a few covered sessions, so check your benefits! Even if you were to pay, with the feedback you get back for every dollar you spend you gain back a minimum of $3 of life improvement.

You can find Dr. Ferrance on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.