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Move Coordinators: A Service Built on Compassion and Care

Karen Bodoano has plenty of experience in the moving and storage industry. She worked with Sentinel for 29 years and loved the family atmosphere the owners created for their employees. When Sentinel was sold, Bodoano decided it was also time for her to make a change.

In her previous role where she oversaw 100 staff across 24 locations, Bodoano frequently saw people struggle to organize their moves – especially seniors. Some had no support and tried to do it all on their own, or hired cheap “movers” from sites like Kijiji, only to get taken advantage of. 

“I thought, someone should help people with this; moving is actually one of the top three stressors in life,” says Bodoano. But she didn’t just print up cards and offer to help with moves. She built a business based on professional and certified planning/organization, compassion, and care.

Bodoano started by taking courses with and attending conferences by the National Association of Senior and Speciality Move Managers. She was the second person in the Edmonton area to become a member of this American-based organization, and the first to be certified in Western Canada.

She launched Move Coordinators on April Fool’s Day, 2018.

Bodoano’s ambition and desire to help people, especially seniors, coordinate their moves was a welcome addition to the industry.

She explains, “For seniors, often when they are moving they have lost their partner and therefore their support. Now with COVID, seniors can’t expect their children to help with moves either. Generally, they are also dealing with not being able to live independently anymore – and on top of all of that, each item that must be packed, sold, or donated is tied to memories.”

Bodoano’s philosophy is to help her clients sort through memories, not “stuff.”

“Things accumulate around us gradually. It must go out the same way,” she counsels. “I can process things quickly if needed, but it is better to help my clients assess how the item will function in their new life. We don’t downsize. We right size. It doesn’t have to be all at once. The process takes time.”

Bodoano tries to keep as many useable items out of landfills as possible, but the traditional method of selling online was long, cumbersome and unsafe for seniors – especially during COVID. Working with the founder of, Bodoano is leveraging technology to make sales of her client’s treasures faster and safer. The winning bidder makes an appointment for pick up, is told where to park, and the item is transferred in a contactless way. In addition to being an appropriate way to sell during COVID, the senior does not have to deal with strangers coming into their home, and Bodoano remains on site during the transaction.

Moving is more than going from one location to another, especially if it is a senior moving after facing loss of health or the loss of a partner. Moving is about facing memoires head on – the good and the bad – and sorting through the items tied to those memories. It’s about having to trust someone with your belongings and starting over in an unfamiliar place. Bodoano has spent thousands of hours honing her craft so she can offer affordable, professional, certified services to those in the process of moving, and specialized services for seniors’ moves.

“When hiring any type of moving contractor at any time, check their credentials for insurance, a clear criminal record, and WCB,” she advises. “There are no barriers to entry in this field, so you need to be safe about who is coming to your home to handle your things.”

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