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Sunny Boy Foods launches NutraStat – The Evolution of Convenient Fibre

Sunny Boy Foods, an Alberta-based company that has delighted people with its namesake cereal since the 1920s, is excited to unveil the next move forward in convenient, healthy, fibre-focused nutrition. It’s called NutraStat. And it’s a game changer, especially for seniors.

Did you know that the recommended intake of fibre changes as you age? For example, a woman in her 50s should have about 21 grams of fibre a day; for a man it is 30 grams/daily. However, the quality and convenience of that fibre matters too. It can be hard to meet that goal through food alone, and some supplements, like psyllium, are not water soluble, leaving an unpleasant mouth feel. Psyllium tends to be bitter, so it is often combined with sugar or sugar alternatives when used as a supplement. On the other hand, NutraStat is great tasting, water soluble, natural fibre boost.

NutraStat has been on the market for less than six months, but it’s already making a big impact. Dean De Benedetto, Sales and Marketing Manager at Sunny Boy Foods explains.

“For many years, food scientists have understood the many health benefits of beta glucan. The problem with extracting it from barley is that that it took a long time and was an expensive process that required a chemical component. Recently, innovations in non-chemical beta glucan extraction as pioneered by Thava Vasanthan, Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci-Ag, Food & Nutri Sci Dept at the U of A, have solved all these issues.”

Professor Vasanthan’s innovation is air currents assisted particle separation (ACAPS). A series of filters screen out the fibre in a dry method – no moisture, salt, chemicals, or solvents are used. The resulting beta glucan is not bitter and it is water soluble, making it a very quick and clean addition to oatmeal, almond milk, smoothies, and even baking (the heat does not break down its nutrients).

Focused on all these benefits of beta glucan, NutraStat is 100 per cent natural and has no added sugar. Its neutral taste means it can be added to anything without changing the flavour profile. Beta glucan fibre has positive effects on gut health, cholesterol, heart health, and glucose metabolism. Claims about beta glucan’s effect on lowering LD cholesterol (when 3 grams of barley glucan are consumed daily) have been verified by Health Canada, the US FDA, and the European EFSA. Studies point to beta glucan lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, something the 41 per cent of Canadians living with high cholesterol should note. There is also some early and promising evidence of how beta glucan may stimulate the immune system.

NutraStat ticks all the boxes. It’s an effective, affordable, convenient, great tasting way to get the fibre you need – and it’s a local product.

De Benedetto concludes, “This is a remarkable Alberta success story. Professor Vasanthan’s process is what is used by Sunny Boy Foods – a company founded and headquartered in Alberta – to create NutraStat, a concentrate of the beta glucan that is conveniently packed for consumer use. Not only do you enjoy a range of health benefits from our non-GMO, all natural NutraStat, but you also support local farmers, producers, and manufacturers with each purchase.”

NutraStat will be available by the middle to end of December at select Sobeys, Safeway, Calgary Co-op, and Freson Bros. stores. Learn more about NutraStat at