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Tips for Staying Warm and Cozy at Home

Stay warm indoors during the cold season with these helpful tips.
Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pixabay

The weather is cooling, and the trees are losing their leaves – it is time to start preparing for colder weather. With energy prices on the rise, turning up the thermostat might be an expensive option. Here are a few ways to stay warm and toasty inside without racking up a big energy bill.

Prepping Your Home for Colder Weather

Starting with a few simple home DIY projects can really help to keep the cold drafts out of your home.

  • Seal the cracks around windows and doors with traditional caulking, caulking rope, and/or a draft blocker. To find the problem areas, hold a tissue in front of the crack between the door or window and the frame while the door or window is closed. You will be able to see the tissue move in areas that require extra sealing.
  • Some older windows need some extra insulation. Adding a specialty plastic shrink insulation to your windows can make a huge difference in the warmth of your indoor spaces.
  • Switch the ceiling fan direction to winter mode. Most ceiling fans have a directional switch. Make sure your fan is moving in a clockwise direction, so it is circulating the warmer air that settles near the ceiling.

Adding Coziness (and Warmth) to Every Room

There are a few additional items that you can add to each room in your home to make sure that everyone is feeling comfortable.

  • Break out the winter bedding. Make sure every bed is equipped with multiple layers of blankets, each with a different thickness and material. Flannels, quilts, knitted blankets and down-filled comforters are all great choices.
  • Use throw blankets anywhere people sit. There’s nothing quite like cuddling up under a soft blanket while reading a book or watching TV. Throw blankets should be accessible wherever people in your home tend to sit.
  • Keep your drinks hot with a USB mug warmer. These handy accessories make sure that your coffee or tea never goes cold.

Staying Warm and Fashionable This Winter

Keeping warm indoors also means heating up your fashion choices.

  • Layers are your best friend in the winter. Not only do they look cozy, but good layers keep you warm and comfortable wherever you are.
  • Blanket sweaters are popular for a reason. Though these cuddly blankets that you wear may not be particularly fashionable, they certainly do the trick in holding in your warmth.
  • Fingerless gloves are great for working at home. Keep a pair of knitted fingerless gloves in your desk for those chilly mornings at the computer.
  • Alpaca wool socks keep your toes toasty. Alpaca wool is extremely soft and warm. As a bonus, most people don’t find Alpaca wool as itchy as sheep’s wool.

With these tips, you can stay warm and toasty without blowing your budget on high energy bills. Stay warm, enjoy the coziness of winter, and don’t forget that spring is coming!

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