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Our Daily Headlines newsletter is sent directly to your email every day at 6 a.m. and makes it easy to catch up on the news, weather and events happening in your community, Alberta and Canada.
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Our Obituaries & In Memoriam newsletter is a collection of all the notices we publish locally across our network in Alberta

Hot Summer Guide (May to September)
Our Hot Summer Guide newsletter is packed with articles about Staycations, Road Trips, Bucket List Adventures, Food Tours, Camping and more! This is delivered 2x per week.

Cool Winter Guide (November to March)
Our Cool Winter Guide newsletter is your connection to all things winter in Alberta! This is delivered 2x per week.

The Puck Drops Here (Hockey News for Hockey Fanatics)
Our hockey newsletter is your connection to all things hockey in Alberta and beyond! It contains local news around the province as well as National and International hockey news including the NHL.
We also announce our weekly Hockey Pool winners every Monday during the regular season for those who are participating in our annual Pick The Winners Hockey Pool.